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Lady Content was birthed out of my love for the internet and the fact that valuable content can completely transform the life of a business.

Who is Lady Content?

I am a passionate person who takes the steps necessary to live a purpose-driven, fulfilling life. I am driven to succeed and I continue to strive for excellence and further my skills and experience.

A writer by heart, a chemist by trade. Sixteen years ago, I began my journey into the career industry with a degree in Biology/Chemistry and a faint premonition that I was not where I should be. Even after many high school writing awards and college writing professors forcing me to recite my work to the entire class, I was still unaware of my own talent. Yet, life somehow has a way of bringing you full circle…that is, if you listen to your heart.

After a slew of unfulfilling years boiling chemicals and deciphering complex equations, I put my left brain to rest and decided to explore the possibilities. I started to write and quickly became a success. I also spent hours upon hours entrenched in internet marketing concepts and was enthralled by social media and its ability to connect people together. Content became my passion, whether a Facebook post, a tweet or an informative article…it did not matter.

Lady Content has taken on a life of its own, servicing clients all around the world and helping them express the reality of their brands through the power of the written word. As the owner of Lady Content, I am proud and honored to work with so many passionate, inspirational people, from the clients I service to the team members with whom I work.

Why do I call myself Lady Content?

A lady is a well-mannered and considerate woman with high standards of proper behavior. She is regarded as proper and virtuous. My life is a testament to this definition and I live by its principles daily.

So there you have it…my short story of how I arrived here. I love what I do and it shows in every word I write. I am dedicated to giving my clients the best experience and the highest quality of work. Lady Content is my baby and I treat my clients as such.


To Your Success,


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