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Jenna Scaglione


Jenna is a passionate woman who started Lady Content out of a love for internet marketing and inspiring people to succeed online. She has been writing ever since her little fingers could hold a pen and she enjoys helping companies craft content that communicates their message and gets results. She created her unique “content makeover” service in response to the web’s growing demand for quality content. The need for her services has grown exponentially in a short period of time which has allowed her to expand her horizons and continue to innovate and create new content solutions for businesses around the world.

Shannon Drinkwater

Creative Wordsmith

Shannon Drinkwater is a valuable addition to our team of writers. She grew up enjoying writing as a hobby, but has now cultivated her passion into a lifelong dream. Surrounded by her supportive husband and four cherished children, she is currently working on editing a novel and also writing her own memoir to be published. Shannon also loves to travel and uses her experiences abroad to add creativity to her writing. She consumes herself with each individual project causing each client to feel distinctive and unique.

Nell Terry

Internet Marketing Expert

Nell Terry is a freelance writer, tech news junkie, and fledgling Internet marketer. She thrives on social media, web design, and uncovering the truth about all the newest marketing fads that pop up all over the ‘net. She loves her family, building websites, and her freelance writing work. Nell has been a valuable asset to the Lady Content team.

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