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Below you will find examples of my published work. Additional samples (i.e. press releases, website content, topic specific material) are available upon request. Please contact me for details.


If My Content is “King,” Why Does Google Hate It?

Why Branding Your Business Online is Essential for Success

How to Increase Your Email Marketing Open Rates

Why 95% of Internet Marketers are not Making Any Money

Top 5 Habits That Contribute to Business Failure on the Web

Google’s New Algorithm Update Penalized Ad Heavy Websites

Facebook Fights Back Against Google “Search Plus Your World”

10 Crimes a Designer Can Commit on Call to Action Pages


Why Many Businesses Fail With Social Media

Google Understands Social SEO…Do You?

Social Media and the Selling Trap

LinkedIn: Under Rated and Very Powerful

The What, Where, When and Why of Social Media

The Correct Way to Increase Your Facebook Fan Base

The Impact of Google+ on Search: Are You Ready?

My Top 5 Twitter Resources

How App Developers can Use Social Media to Drive App Sales – Case Study


Tips to Writing a Successful Blog Post

How to Find Engaging Topics for Your Blog Content

Our Top 10 Picks for WordPress Plugins

Why Your Content Doesn’t Convert

5 Simple and Effective Contact Forms for Your WordPress Blog

How to Write Content that Keeps Your Blog Readers Coming Back for More


How to Attract More Reviews for Your Ecommerce Products

5 Tips to Satisfying the Mobile Shopper

The Hidden Opportunity in Abandoned Shopping Carts


Identity Theft can Wreak Havoc on Your Life

Challenges of FHA Loans

Inside the FICO Score

Learn About FHA Loans


3 Reasons Why Freelancers Should Be on Twitter

How to Get Started With Hiring Outsourced Workers

Punch Procrastination in the Face and Accomplish Your Goals


After College: The 5 Skills You Need to Succeed in Your Career

Has U.S. Higher Education Failed to Teach Students Basic Skills?

Does Education Enhance Emotional Health After Age 65?

The Surge of Online Education in the Last 10 Years

What You Should Know About the College Application Process


Top 10 Most Romantic Reception Venues

Wedding Gift Spending Guidelines

Destination Wedding Gifts Ideas

Wedding Day Gifts for Your Groom

Bridesmaid Gift Guide


Top 10 Best Gifts for Foodies

Top 10 Clothing Gifts for Mom

Back-to-School Gift Etiquette

Make it a Themed Gift!

Best of…18th Birthday Gifts


Top 10 Spring Fashion Must Haves

Best of…Leather Fashion Online

To Tweeze or Not to Tweeze

Best of…Really High Heels

The Sexy Smoky Eye – Don’t Put Out That Flame!

Best of…Fashion for the Fall

Are You Wearing Your Clothes or Are Your Clothes Wearing You?

Taking Control of Your Complexion


How to Live Green at Home

Top 10 Ultimate At Home Spa Design Ideas

Top 10 House Moving Checklist Essentials

Kid’s Bathroom Design Ideas

Tips for Keeping the House Clean




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