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Content Makeovers!

Content Makeovers

If you are happy with your design but your copy is not converting, a content makeover may be what you need.

We take your existing content and give it a complete makeover! It’s a Before and After like you have never seen before.

Our content makeover services include:

  • Review and consultation: We will review your content and send you a complete makeover assessment including helpful marketing tips and tricks.

The content makeover continues with a unique 3-step process.

  • Grammar Check – We will rewrite your content so it is grammatically correct.
  • Structure – We will structure your content so it reads as a cohesive whole, makes sense to the reader and has the optimal layout for increased “readability.”
  • Brand Identity/Conversions – We will ensure your content embodies the essence of your brand, connects to your target audience, and leads people to take the action you want them to.

Our content makeover services also come with a free website design assessment. Our main goal is to increase your profits. If your website design is flawed or lacks in conversion potential, the best content won’t help your cause.

Interested in how Lady Content can “spice up” your content? Contact us today!


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