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Hi, Jenna Scaglione here, owner of Lady Content…

My company is unlike any other. Am I biased? Yes But I have good reason to be.

You see, I’ve been exposed to nearly every aspect of marketing and branding on the internet in the last 12 years…

I’ve managed full-scale, 7-figure product launches, hired and fired hundreds of contractors, ghostwritten copy for some of the leading internet marketers in the digital space and single-handedly started websites from the ground up to become successful and profitable. I’ve managed high-profile blogs with hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly that serve millions of people.

I enjoyed EVERY aspect of it except for one thing…

I could never understand WHY it was so hard to find a good contractor, especially when it came to writers. As a writer myself, I had a high standard, but it amazed me at how difficult it was to not only find a good writer, but also one who was dependable, trustworthy, and passionate about their work.

And that’s why I am here…

Who is Lady Content?

Lady Content was birthed from my frustration with the freelance writing industry. Overcoming the obstacles, I learned exactly how to hire good contractors and I have developed an instinct as well. This process was not an easy one, but necessary.

Once I learned how to find these diamond-in-the-rough writers and contractors, my next step was to create Lady Content, a content writing company that housed a team of contractors I would be proud to work with.

Since its inception, Lady Content has taken on a life of its own, servicing clients all around the world and helping them become industry leaders and attract customers through the power of the written word. As the owner of Lady Content, I am proud and honored to work with so many passionate, inspirational people, from the clients I service to the team members with whom I work.

Why do I call myself Lady Content?

A lady is a well-mannered and considerate woman with high standards of proper behavior. She is regarded as proper and virtuous. My life is a testament to this definition and I live by its principles daily.

So there you have it…my short story of how I arrived here. I love what I do and it shows in every word we write. I am dedicated to giving my clients the best experience and the highest quality of work. Lady Content is my baby and I treat my clients as such.