I am a connector. And so are you.

As humans, we want to feel like we belong and never feel alone.


Growing up, I never quite felt “human.” I was not like the other kids. Shy, empathic and reserved, I kept to myself, fearful of abandonment, a dark place I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Over the years I have matured, but I never lost my desire to connect. And now I don’t want to.

I’ve been in the content business for more than a decade. I’ve managed full-scale, 7-figure product launches, hired and fired hundreds of contractors, ghostwritten copy for some of the leading internet marketers in the digital space and single-handedly started websites from the ground up to become successful and profitable. I’ve managed high-profile blogs with hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly that serve millions of people. But I HATED it.

I used to think I had to separate my business side from my personality and heart. Businesses need to be more professional to be taken seriously, right? Think 3-piece suit and stuffy briefcases.

While I love to dress up just like the next gal (I am Lady Content, after all!), I hated my career because it was stuffy, dry, and lacked creativity, connection and empathy, the three cornerstones of what makes me who I am.

Thank goodness, I was wrong...VERY wrong.

I now LOVE what I do...why? Because stellar content has less to do with what you provide, and more to do with WHY you are doing it. Your “why” is the beginning of your story, which is your gold, your crowning moment, the organism upon which all of your content and branding lives and breathes. 

And now I get the amazing pleasure of helping businesses like yours develop your story with amazing content so you can become memorable and make your readers feel like they BELONG and they’re in the right place.

Connection = Customer Action = Business Growth

Why do I call myself “Lady Content?”

A lady is a well-mannered and considerate woman with high standards of proper behavior. She is regarded as proper and virtuous. My life is a testament to this definition and I live by its principles daily.

So there you have it…my short story of how I arrived here. I love what I do and it shows in every word we write. I am dedicated to giving my clients the best experience and the highest quality of work. Lady Content is my baby and I treat my clients as such.