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Bobbi Brown Talks Money

We had the amazing pleasure of talking with makeup mogul Bobbi Brown on how she built and sold her billion-dollar cosmetics brand.


how to win over the toughest blog editors and get published

Want to learn how to pitch a blog and get on an editor’s good side? Here are some tips on how to get noticed by myself and other blog editors.


the complete formula to getting your first 10,000 website visitors

Have you ever wondered how some businesses seem to grow their traffic like crazy? It's like their websites explode overnight and they make it all look so dang easy. Yet here you are just trying to figure all of this traffic stuff out (possibly in your barely-there spare time), and wondering how and where to begin.

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the 3 defining characteristics of insanely unpopular business blogs

Many business blogs feel invisible to the world. Yet they publish post after post, hoping the next one will be that special piece that gets the shares and makes them a part of the popular in-crowd. If you feel unpopular like this, it’s possible your business blog has one of these three characteristics. If so, the good news is they are fixable. Let’s dive in.