Foundr magazine is a high-profile media outlet in the entrepreneurial space. It serves a community of 3M+ with various content such as podcasts, videos, blog posts, a digital magazine and online courses.


FOUNDR | Client Story

Foundr contracted us to help ramp up its blog content, improve the quality and standards of the content and adopt an editorial calendar system to keep the content organized, consistent and continually driving traffic.

Foundr is in the life-changing business with a global mission to help ten million entrepreneurs create and scale ten million ass-kicking businesses. We LOVE being a part of this mission.


Some of our accomplishments with Foundr:

  • Ramped up blog posts from 1-2 / week to 5+ / week consistently

  • Improved writer guidelines and elevated level of content

  • Hired 10 new staff writers, content marketer, and SEO/outreach consultant

  • Created in-depth professionally-designed guides to attract more traffic and get more leads

  • Launched 2-3 newsletters a week to drive traffic back to the blog; split-testing two versions for maximum visibility

  • Increased traffic 100X in a little over 1 year

  • Ensured content met brand guidelines and continued to push the envelope on what's possible

  • Joined forces with thousands of entrepreneurs who are transforming their lives and achieving their dreams

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